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Annies Burger Shack
Nottingham England
Hi there,
My name is Annie. I'm an American living in England for twenty years who created a 'New England' restaurant in the centre of the UK.. With a Tavern called the Ocean State Tavern and it's all based on my family and the State of Rhode Island. However the Ales are the best real ales selected in the land! My restaurant "Annies Burger Shack'" is a restaurant that has a homage the diner burgers that she I grew up with. We've been one of the most popular restaurants in the Midlands since we opened in 2009!

I feel so privileged to be part of the screening with Flickers and RIFF! When the Lace Market Media played the film about me we had a huge fancy black tie film party and Matt and Mark Daunt. (director & producer plus Dad & Son) now can not wait to fly over the pond to attend such a great event! We
Can't wait!