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Tuesday, August 4

7:00pm EDT

Opening Night Screening and Celebration
Join RIIFF for our 19th annual Opening Night screening and celebration and revel in the talent, artistry, and creation that is the Rhode Island International Film Festival. We have spent a full year getting ready for this amazing event and we are ready to party!

RIIFF’s Opening Night screening spotlight’s the very best of our short film submissions serving to provide a taste of the breadth of subject matter, inspiration, and talent that is prevalent in the festival. Last year, three of the films that premiered at our Opening Night went on to receive Oscar® nominations. Help us discover what will be the next Academy Award winners.

Fulfilament | Directed by Rhiannon Evans, 7 min. United Kingdom, 2015. US premiere. 
Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and discover what it takes to make a great idea. 

Ausstieg Rechts (Exit Right) | Directed by: Rupert Höller, 6 min. Germany, 2015. US premiere. 
Look away or intervene? When a black man is victim of unfounded, racial abuse in a packed bus, there is only one passenger who won't ignore the situation like everyone else. 

We Live This | Directed by: James Burns, 10 min. United States, 2015. 
The story of four boys from the projects who have come together to pursue their dreams. Most new Yorkers who ride the MTA have opinions about them, but what lies beneath these young performers is more than what meets the eye. 

D. Asian | Directed by: Sarah Smith, 10 min. United States, 2015. 
Ten-year-old Daniel takes his yearly standardized test and is confronted with the complicated question: What race are you? 

Theodora | Directed by: Henry Chaisson, 6 min. United States, 2015. World premiere. 
A resourceful young girl prepares dinner for a friend.

More Than God | Directed by: Kev Cahill, 8 min. Ireland, 2015. World premiere. 
A pious Doctor is forced to deal with a family matter while hiding under the bed of a stranger.

The Baby | 
Directed by: Ali Asgari, 15 min, Italy, Iran, 2015. New England premiere. 
Narges and her friend have just a few hours to find someone to take care of her baby. 

Rest Stop | Directed by: Kate Herron, 11 min. United Kingdom, 2015. US premiere. 
Everything changes one night for Meredith, a young backpacker desperate to find meaning in her life, when she meets a mysterious stranger in a dingy British service station...claiming to know her. 

The House Is Innocent | Directed by: Nicholas Coles, 12 min. United States, 2015. New England premiere.
Tom and Barbara's new home has a notorious past and it's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash its macabre history. 

Tarim le Brave Contre Les Mille et un Effets (Tarim the Brave Against The Thousand and One Effects) | Directed by: Guillaume Rieu, 18 min. France, 2014. US premiere. 
As he is going to save a princess imprisoned in the dungeon of an evil sorcerer, Tarim understands that he is the main character of a movie, and decides to fight against the special effect.

President's Reception Music Provided by:

Shelly Otis, Harpist and Musician.

Tuesday August 4, 2015 7:00pm - 9:30pm EDT
Providence Performing Arts Center 220 Weybosset Street, Providence, RI 02903
Wednesday, August 5

2:30pm EDT

Shorts: A Moment of Clarity
The Train | Directed by Asher Grodman | 9 min. USA, 2015. World premiere
A meeting with a holocaust survivor (Eli Wallach, in his last performance) teaches a self-consumed and preoccupied young man that life can change in a moment. Inspired by a true story. 

Zelos | Directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir | 15 min. USA, 2014. New England premiere
Maria, a competitive woman in her late 30's orders a Zelos clone under the pretense of getting some help around the house so she can spend more time with her family, but more importantly to compete with her flawless friend Ari. 

Posthumous | Directed by Noah DeBonis | 30 min. USA, 2014. New England premiere
14 year old Harley is trying to save her families broke down bed and breakfast in the swamp country of florida. When a gruff guest with a mysterious background arrives she wonders if her fortunes have changed.

Dirty Laundry | Directed by Renji Philip | 15 min. USA, 2015. World premiere
One night four lives become linked through a strange series of unfolding events that have irreversible results.

Dive | Directed by Brent Harvey | 12 min. USA, 2015. World premiere
1970. A secret. On the eve of his title fight, Kit 'Lightsout' Sterling is blackmailed into taking a dive by an old adversary, seeking vengeance.

Fidelity | Directed by Ilker Çatak | 24 min. Turkey, 2015. New England premiere. 
Istanbul 2014 - a tensed environment with demonstrations due to political
repression: Asli gives shelter to a young political activist, who got into a fight 
with the police. The police investigates the case and ends up questioning Asli's 
family. Her husband gets drawn into the affair. Their lives, and also their son's, 
start to become compromised. The situation escalates, as Asli is not willing to 
cooperate with the investigators.


Wednesday August 5, 2015 2:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

4:00pm EDT

Shorts Package: A World Within a World
Sleepy Steve | Directed by Meghann Artes | 4 min. | USA, 2015. World premiere
A fuzzy bachelor has engineered his wacky morning routine with robotic precision.

How I didn't Become A Piano Player | Directed by Tommaso Pitta | 18 min. | United Kingdom, 2014. US premiere. 
Ted, 9 year old, is the clumsiest boy in the world. Desperately searching for his vocation, he cannot find anything he is good at. The breakthrough arrives the day his father comes home with an old monstrous piano. Ted has the revelation: he will become the next Mozart.

Rest Stop | Directed by Kate Herron | 11 min. | United Kingdom, 2014. World premiere. 
Everything changes one night for Meredith, a young backpacker desperate to find meaning in her life, when she meets a mysterious stranger in a dingy British service station...claiming to know her.

Golden Shot | Directed by Gokalp Gonen  | 9 min. | Turkey, 2014. World premiere
Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.

AlieNation | Directed by Laura Lehmus | 6 min. | Germany, 2014.
An animation-short about puberty, based on real life interviews with teenagers.

A King's Betrayal | Directed by David Bornstein | 9 min. | US, 2014. New England premiere
A lonely, naive Pinata longs for a better life, and to find the meaning for his existence. It all seems to click when a young boy walks into his life and takes him home. But this new found relationship and sense of purpose has far more sinister undertones than the Pinata could ever imagination.

Basilisk | Directed by Nikolai Hamel | 13 min. | United Kingdom, 2015. East Coast premiere
With the discovery of a conceptual virus that has the power to kill, three terrorists holed up in an underground layer debate the effectiveness of their discovery until one turns it against the other two.

He and She | Directed by Marco Gadge | 16 min. | Germany, 2015. East Coast premiere
Thomas is on his way to a life that includes only himself and his girlfriend… but when she breaks up with him, the dream goes up in smoke.
Then he meets Annemarie at a lonely rest stop. As he tells the quirky old woman about his failed relationship, he comes to realize that, whatever happens, however dark and horrible things seem, there are always reasons to jump into life with both feet.

Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa | Directed by Konstantin Bronzit | 15 min. | Russian Federation, 2014.
Two cosmonauts, two friends, try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality. But this story is not only about the dream.

Wednesday August 5, 2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

6:30pm EDT

Love/Romance Short Film Package: Never the Same Love Twice
"There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short films about the complexity of romance.

Then & Now
| Directed by Kyle Bashford Liam Bashford | 10 min. | United Kingdom, 2015. US premiere
80 year old George watches in disbelief as the news of the first 9/11 attack is reported. We follow his psychological journey as we reveal his personal loss and connection with September 11th 2001.

Alzheimer's: A Love Story | Directed by  Gabe Schimmel, Amanda Le, Riani Singgih, Monica Petruzelli | 16 min. | USA, 2015. 
Every day a man named Michael comes and visits for a couple hours. No one can say for sure if Greg knows who Michael is or why he comes every day, but from Michael’s point of view it’s only natural that he do so- after all, Michael has loved Greg since the day they met 40 years ago.

He and She | Directed by Marco Gadge | 16 min. | Germany, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
Thomas is on his way to a life that includes only himself and his girlfriend… but when she breaks up with him, the dream goes up in smoke.

Rip It Up & Start Again | Directed by Stephen Ryan | 7 min. | Ireland, 2015. New England premiere. 
With pen and paper a quiet, a retiring man reaches out to his one true love. But writing the perfect love letter is only half the battle.

A Tenista | Directed by Daniel Barosa | 15 min. | Brazil, 2013. New England premiere. 
Ju is late for her pricey private lessons. Consumed in a marathon of family chaos, SMS texting and hormones, the improbable pubescent tennis player runs from a secret.

De Smet | Directed by Thomas Baerten, Wim Geudens| 15 min. | Belgium, Netherlands, 2014. New England premiere. 
The brothers 'De Smet' created a system to live their lives as singles in the most comfortable way. When a new woman moves into their street, their synergy turns out to be a house of cards.

Moving On | Directed by Mike Spear | 11 min. | USA, 2014. New England premiere. 
This short film takes a look at what would happen if even breakups were contracted out. And you thought getting dumped by text was embarrassing! MOVING ON is about what happens when you find you need to move on and move out at exactly the same time. 

Wednesday August 5, 2015 6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

7:00pm EDT

Ciné-Quebec: Shorts From La Belle Province
Everything Will Be Alright | Directed by Guillaume Collin | 13 min. Canada. 2015. World premiere.
A young couple on a hiking trip is forced to face the distance that has grown between them.

Maurice | Directed by Francois Jaros | 13 min. Canada. 2015. 
Everything would be fine. Maurice had made up his mind. He had made a list: pick a date, announce his retirement, sell the car, see old friends, and empty the garage. Then, die with dignity.

The Truck | Directed by Sandrine Broder--Desrosiers | 10 min. Canada. 2015. 
A day. An hour. A basement. Olivier and Sophie, both in a relationship, decide to cheat on their partners together. They were sure they had all figured out.

The Apparatus of Destruction | Directed by Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne | 19 min. Canada. 2015.
The Apparatus of Destruction recounts Olivier's downward psychedelic spiral, that evening of October 31st.

Dîner à Montpellier | Directed by Cory Santilli | 13 min. France/USA. 2015. World premiere. 
When Jolene finds a wallet in her dance studio she discovers that its owner may not be the man he appears to be.

Dogs Don't Breed Cats | Directed by Cristina Martins | Canada. 2015. US premiere. 
Pregnant and homeless, Joëlle shows up at her father’s house. Even if Jeff, a solitary non-conformist former punk is reluctant to the idea, Joëlle decides to stay. Jeff is overwhelmed by the casualness of his daughter, whom he barely knows.

The Woman Who Saw The Bear | Directed by Joannie Lafreniere | Canada, 2015 | US Premiere. 
Since 1980, Lucille Côté has lived in Laterrière, surrounded by more than 250 animals. With a silver mane and candid demeanor, Lucille practices a craft that has long been the exclusive domain of men: Taxidermy. Through various contemplative and country-flavoured tableaux, we meet a particular breed of taxidermist, living outside of the digital age, with enough skills to get by in the woods without a compass or a frying pan.

Wednesday August 5, 2015 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT
Museum of Work and Culture 42 S. Main Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895

7:30pm EDT

Breaking Out: Opening Night of the LGBTQ Film Festival
Pink Boy  | Directed by Eric Rockey | 3 min. | USA, 2015
“Pink Boy” is an intimate, 15-minute verité documentary about a gender non-conforming boy growing up in a conservative area of rural Florida. Six-year old Jeffrey likes nothing better than to put on a gown and dance for his butch lesbian moms - who are shocked that he was not the son they expected. One of the moms, BJ, even goes through a grieving process for the son she will never have.

Golden | Directed by Kai Stänicke | 22 min. | Germany, 2015. New England premiere. 
A tale of being different and growing up.

Stealth | Directed by Bennet Lasseter | 23 min. | 2014, USA. 
Sammy is a transgender child. She was born a boy but is living in stealth, as a girl, with the support of her mother and a doctor. At her new school, Sammy finds the friends she has always dreamed of having, and she tells them her secret in confidence. When the threat of a betrayal arises, Sammy must decide whether to run or to live as her whole self.

No Strings | Directed by Eoin Maher | 15min. | United Kingdom, 2015.
Recently moved to London, Bryn is finding it difficult to cope with his new surroundings. Seeking a distraction he invited Sean, an intrusive extrovert over for no strings sex. When the encounter ends Bryn wants to be alone again but Sean doesn’t want to leave. Sharing a bed for the night, real intimacy begins to surface between the two men. However, negotiating towards being genuinely open with each other proves a challenge when both have something to hide. Engaging and challenging, this story is about coping in the world when it’s not how you thought it would be - and about how sometimes you find comfort in someone when you least expect it.

Hole | Directed by Martin Edralin | 15 min. | Canada, 2014. 
A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him.

Setting Them Straight | Directed by Kaleb McKenna | 15 min. | Australia, 2015. 
Having been nurtured and accepted by his parents as a gay man, Joshua finds the courage to confess, that he's actually not.

Wednesday August 5, 2015 7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT
The Bell St. Chapel 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI 02909
Thursday, August 6

10:00am EDT

Shorts 1: KidsEye Film Festival
Soar | Directed by Alyce Tzue | 6 min. USA, 2014. New England premiere. 
A precocious young girl makes a new friend when a tiny boy pilot drops out of the sky on a broken flying machine. 

The Sad Snowman | Directed by Pierre Schantz | 2 min. USA, 2015. 
A snowman sits on the side of a mountain, watching skiers and snowboarders have fun. The snowman longs to be a part of the action, but it seems hopeless..

The Dance of the Infants | Directed by Jokin Pascual and Javier Dampierre | 9 min.  Spain, 2015. World premiere. 
In Pamplona, during all year, the arrival of the summer is expected, and with it comes the Running of the Bulls of San Fermin. The smallest ones dream to run when they become grown-ups. 

The Orchestra | Directed by Mikey Hill | 15 min. Australia, May 2015. New England premiere. 
In a world filled with beautiful and harmonious music, elderly Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.

Mei Mei | Directed by Lili Huang | 17 min. USA,  2015.
High school girl Meimei who is adopted by American family from China when she was a little. After she meets a Chinese boy Chris who moved from China while she is struggling on her identity, her life is changed eventually. 

Josef et Aimée | Directed by Ben Shiriniam | 15 min. Canada, 2014
Josef and Aimee is a magical childhood love story about two children orphaned in the south of France during WWII. In this story of childhood love, loss and struggle, a young boy's quest to reunite with a cherished friend takes him on a journey where he finds so much more.

The Epic of Hershey | Directed by Douglas Mcginness | 15 min. USA, 2015. North American premiere. 
A young homeless boy goes on a journey to find a mythical goddess who's existence has been rumored throughout every homeless shelter in the city. But when he believes he has found her, and gives a gift from her to a man in need, everything he has ever known comes into question.


Thursday August 6, 2015 10:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

2:30pm EDT

Animated Shorts: Dreams
Limited Capacity seats available

Chez Moi | Directed by Phuong Mai Nguyen | 12 min. France, 2014. US premiere. 
Hugo's mother is back home. The day after, when Hugo wakes up, he finds black feathers all over his house.

Daewit | Directed by David Jansen | 15 min. Germany, 2015. 
A wolf child, a cat, an angel.

Sweet Cocoon | Directed by Jonathan Duret, Manon Marco, Matthias Bruget, Matéo Bernard, and Quentin Puiraveau | 6 min. France, 2014. 
A caterpillar goes into a place where she feels safe to undergo her metamorphosis. 
Her cocoon is much too small for her to get in, hopefully two other insects will help her. 

Eloise, Little Dreamer | Directed by Myriam Obin | 4 min. Canada, 2015.
A little girl get lost in the crowd and try to find back her sister. However, this celebration day is not what it appear to be.

Sea Child | Directed by Minha Kim | 7 min. United Kingdom, 2015. US premiere. 
On the verge of becoming a woman Sora is woken by a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the city in the hope of finding her mom.

Chase Me | Directed by Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud | 3 min. France, 2015. US premiere. 
In an enchanted world, a young girl is walking and singing while playing ukulele.  Heedless of the outside world, she does not pay attention to the approaching threat.  Her own shadow starts to come alive, to tear off from the ground and to chase her.

Warm Snow | Directed by Markus Kaatsch | 5 min. Isreal, 2014. New England premiere. 
'Warm snow' is an animation short about the relationship between a father and his grown up daughter. It starts out in an ordinary situation with the father and daughter sitting at the kitchen table.

The Star | Directed by Matthew Palmer | 4 min. United States, 2014. World premiere. 
The Star is an animated 'fairy tale' about a young man living on the South Side of Chicago who, one day, comes across a star on his block.

Tupilaq | Directed by Jacob Maqe | 6 min. Denmark, 2015. New England premiere. 
'Tupilaq' is a very personal short film revolving around the themes of cultural alienation, abuse, and contrast between mythological nature and western culture.


Thursday August 6, 2015 2:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

6:30pm EDT

LGBTQ Shorts: Not Always As It Appears
Daniel | Directed by Dean Loxton | 14 min, Short Film | 2015, UK. East Coast premiere. 

Dániel, from Budapest studies in London and works as a male escort to pay his tuition fees. He is invited by his close friend Nori to have lunch with mutual Hungarian friends. During the lunch Nori introduces her new English lover Tom. Tom has plans for Nori and they don’t include Dániel.

Roxanne | Directed by Paul Frank; | 14 min, Short Film | 2014, UK. New England premiere. 

Roxanne is a cold and isolated transgender sex worker who takes in Lily, an 11 year old girl who has been abandoned by her mother, when she sees the girl in danger. Bringing the girl into her home throws Roxanne’s life into disarray, and as the pair begin to bond, she is forced to question her priorities.

Election Night | Directed by Tessa Blake  | 11 min. Short Film | USA, 2014. 

Starring Peri Gilpin (Frasier) and comedian Jake Johannsen, ELECTION NIGHT follows a politician’s family in Maine as they wait for the final 350 votes to come in on election eve - will the speech be a celebration or a concession? Trapped in a kitchen and waiting for the ferry to arrive with the last ballots, nerves rattle the family into a comic whirlwind of wild theories, long-held secrets, and a revelation that nobody saw coming. 

The Last Girl | Directed by Brian Gottlieb | 13 min. Denmark, 2015. 

He does love her, in a way. He can see that she’s beautiful when she’s lying naked next to him, it just isn’t love. He knows that now. The holiday with Jesper changed everything and he doesn’t want to leave the car. He wants to kiss him, because apparently falling in love can be easy. It just wasn’t with her. Despite countless efforts to uncover those feelings with her, when she kissed his neck or when she looked in his eyes, he just couldn’t. She isn’t right for him, because Jesper is right for him. He is the one who gives him butterflies and makes him smile, and as he goes home to her, he knows that he has already chosen. ”The Last Girl” is a story about how ”coming out” means letting go of what love is expected to be, in order to set yourself free. A story of a young man’s realization that he has met his last girl and that choosing to follow his heart is the only right thing to do now.

Talking to my Mother | Directed by Leon Le | 17 min., Short | USA, 2014. 
A young Asian American man struggles for both personal happiness and the love of his mother.

Salvation | Directed by Ryan Hess | 16 min., Short | USA, 2015. World premiere. 
A gay teen is forced into conversion therapy by his parents. 

Thursday August 6, 2015 6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT
The Bell St. Chapel 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI 02909

8:30pm EDT

LGBTQ Shorts: Transcending Boundaries
Crossing Over | Directed by Isabel Castro | 45 min. | USA, 2014. New England premiere. 
Three transgender Mexican immigrants navigate different stages of political asylum in Los Angeles - all striving to establish stability and support systems in a foreign city.

Gloria | Directed by Luis Hernandez de la Pena | 17 min. | Mexico, 2015. 
In Mexico City, a man drives public transportation by day and sings the hits at a drag cabaret by night. 

Tomgirl | Directed by Jeremy Asher Lynch | 14 min. | USA, 2015. 
Girls play with dolls and boys love sports, right? This film takes a look at what happens when those stereotypes are called into question. Jake, a lovable gender non-conforming seven year- old, invites us into his world to explore the transforming power that love and support can have when young children are accepted for who they really are.

Showboy |  Directed by Samuel Leighton-Dore | 16 min. | Austraila, 2013. 
After the unexpected death of his mother, a young football player, Julian Maxwell, finds himself struggling to support his depressed, unemployed father while fighting to keep safe the secret he once shared with his mother: He's not only gay, but performs drag shows. 

Thursday August 6, 2015 8:30pm - 10:00pm EDT
The Bell St. Chapel 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI 02909

9:00pm EDT

Shorts Package: Facing Fear
Sick To My Bones | Directed by Guy Davies and Matthew Leonhart | 14 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.
Set billions of years in the future, a warrior wakes up to find herself close to death and bound by chains to her prisoner. It is her duty to walk the wasteland and bring her prisoner to a place where he can be assimilated and become just like her. But as her body starts to shut down, will she be able to complete her task?

Spearhunter | Directed by Adam Roffman and Luke Poling | 14 min. | USA, 2014.
Deep in the wilds of rural Alabama, a spear-hunter proclaims himself the world's greatest and erects a museum dedicated to his own bizarre obsession.

The Mill At Calder's End | Directed by Kevin McTurk | 14 min. | USA, 2014.
In the remote village of Calder's End stands an old windmill, a repository of dark secrets. Nicholas Grimshaw has returned to this haunted place, his childhood home, intent on breaking a generations old family curse. Grimshaw's journey takes him deep below the decaying mill,into mysterious, forgotten catacombs, where upon he confronts the very source of the evil that has corrupted his family. The Mill at Calder's End is a gothic tale inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and M.R. James and is told with the use of 36 inch tall bunraku rod puppets operated by puppeteers dressed in black.

North | Directed by Phil Sheerin | 22 min. | United Kingdom, 2014 | US Premiere. 
Isolated on a farm and fighting against his family’s decision, Aaron struggles to be heard as he watches his mother willingly die.

Sebastian and Them | Directed by Benjamin Bee | 8 min. | United Kingdom, 2015 | World Premiere. 
Based on true events. Sebastian has to leave his childhood friends behind. The only problem is they don't want to leave him...

The Treatment | Directed by Marvin Meiendresch | 6 min. | Germany, 2015 | World Premiere. 
The Treatment tells the story of isolated patient Linus. More and more a rigid routine consisting of meals, exercise, lulling music, irritating smoke and examinations by his only attachment figure Dr. Frei causes him suffering. One day Linus notices the massive door to his room has been left ajar and he takes the chance to escape. What he sees outside makes him question: Is he really who he believes he is?

All The Pain In The World | Directed by Tommaso Pitta | 12 min. | United Kingdom, 2014.
London. Christmas time. A man is desperately trying to save the life of a minuscule fish, but the situation spirals out of control.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes.
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? Yes please.
What is the refund policy? No Refunds.
The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? Yes.

Thursday August 6, 2015 9:00pm - 10:30pm EDT
Paff Theatre at URI URI Continuing Ed, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903
Friday, August 7

10:00am EDT

Shorts Package: Discover Yourself Before Discovering the World
Wire Cutters | Directed by Jack Anderson | 8 min. Short Animation | USA, 2014. 

A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet in this CG animated short film.

The Alchemist's Letter | Directed by Carlos Andre Stevens | 5 min. Short Animation | UK, USA, 2015. 

When Veridian, an estranged son, receives his late alchemist father Nicolas' inheritance, he is exposed to the ill-fated reality that his father built a tumultuous gold-making machine powered by his own memories. The film takes viewers on an enchanted journey through the vessels of the machine in exploration of the alchemist's most precious memories, all in an attempt to give Veridian one last life lesson and save his relationship with his daughter from following down the same fateful path.

Teen Press | Directed by T. C. Johnstone |  30 min. Short Documentary | USA, 2015 | East Coast Premiere. 

Teen press is a short documentary film that follows 8 middle school kids who find out what kind of world they will be inheriting from those who are creating it.

Perfect Piggies | Directed by Sandra Boynton | 3 min. Children's Animated Short | USA, 2015 | World Premiere.  

In Sandra Boynton's first-ever 3D animation, five harmonizing pigs sing a lively 'a cappella' swing song about their own perfect selves. The beloved song is from the first Boynton/Ford album, Rhinoceros Tap (certified Gold by the RIAA.)

The Story of Percival Pilts | Directed by Janette Goodey & John Lewis | 8 min. Short Animation | Australia, New Zealand, 2015 | New England Premiere. 

While playing on stilts as a child, Percival Pilts declares that he'll 'never again let his feet touch the ground!' He stays true to his word and compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall that he no longer fits into normal society.

Tre Tosser | Directed by Peter Hausner & Snobar Avani | 6 min. Short Animation | Denmark, 2014 | North American Premiere 

A story of friendship, greed and the true values of life.

Theodora | Directed by Henry Chaisson & Travis Bogosian | 5 min. Children's Comedy | USA, 2014 | World Premiere

Theodora, a young girl left to her own devices, gathers ingredients for an unusual feast.

Bienvenidos | Directed by Javier Fesser | 27 min. Family Short | Spain, 2014.  

What Anni and Gisela don't know is that the Internet will not only be a blessing for their communities, but that thanks to the Internet the whole world is about to discover what's happening there. 

Transistors: Teeny Tech That Changed the World | Directed by Abigail Kent | 8 min. Animated Documentary | USA, 2015 | East Coast Premiere. 

You interact with billions of transistors in your phones and computers every day, so why not learn more about them? Through colorful animation, 'Transistors' shows the science of how these tiny devices work, and how they shaped the world we live in today.


Friday August 7, 2015 10:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

12:15pm EDT

Women's Shorts Package: Adversity is the Mother of Progress
Albertine | Directed by Patrick Hernandez | 20 mins. Comedy, Romance | Belgium, 2014. 

Since her husband passed away, Albertine - a 81 year-old woman - decided to isolate herself from the world and disconnect from all social life, apparently waiting for death with haste. One evening, while the old lady tries with difficulty to change a light bulb in her living room, Ms. Lietard, the tattletale of the building, showed up at her place. Determined to give her a hand, this lead to the introduction of the neighbor in the apartment, Mr. Dumont, so, the intention is to let Albertine spends an unforgettable night.

The First Step | Directed by Vanessa Clemént | 13 min. Drama | France, 2014.

The first few minutes of a first date. Time to get to know each other and arouse desire. A man like any other, a woman who seems like no other. Two people, together, about to take their first step.

90 Days | Directed by Timothy Yeung | 18 min. Drama | Canada, Hong Kong, USA, 2014 | New England Premiere.

Li Jan, a girl from china arrives in Hong Kong with a 90 day tourist visa, to be prepped and brought into the world of underground prostitution. During this first night she is guided by a groom, Tat, through different back alleys into a series of red light motels, while trying to make a single a phone call. As she goes deeper and closer, the reality creeps in, and the phone call seems beyond her grasp.

Withdrawal | Directed by Fahimeh Aghahasani & Peiman Naimi | 30 min. Drama | Iran, 2014 | East Coast Premiere.

Shirin, a painting student who is living in dormitory, is graduated now. according to her father's insist; she has to go back to her hometown, but that's impossible, because she has a very big problem... 

Friday August 7, 2015 12:15pm - 2:15pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

2:30pm EDT

Shorts Package: Through The Eyes of a Child
The Scarecrow | Directed by Phillip Rhys | 12 min. Drama | USA, 2015 | East Coast premiere.

A man in his 40's feels the breadth of loss and love in one afternoon and discovers that the only thing harder than holding onto love is letting go.

Starring Sandra Oh

The Aquarium | Directed by Jacobie Gray | 14 min. Drama | Australia, 2015 | East Coast premiere.

A young girl seeking solace in underwater worlds to escape her volatile parents makes the ultimate physical sacrifice for a school excursion to the Aquarium.

Providence | Directed by Michael Abbott Jr. | 14 min. Comedy | USA, 2015 | New England premiere.

On the eve of her future sister-in-laws wedding, a woman returns to her husbands boyhood home. Tossing and turning next to him in his old twin size bed, they question love, marriage and why there are no all night drugs stores in Providence. 

Child K | Directed by Roberto De Feo | 22 min. Drama | Italy, 2014 | East Coast premiere.

Richard and Lina Kretschkopf are a young peasant couple who live in a small house in the country, in the middle of the German hills. 

Selling Rosario | Directed by Iana Simeonov & Michael Winokur | 16 min. Drama | USA, 2014 | East Coast premiere.

A family of migrant workers send their 12-year-old daughter and her outlaw cousin into the night on the promise of a stranger. Selling Rosario tells the story of a young girl growing up in a migrant labor camp and her parents' risky plan to get her out of an unsafe, squalid environment. They believe almost any place else would be better for her to grow up. We meet Rosario and her family on the day this plan will either succeed or fail.

The Gift | Directed by Gabriel Robertson | 12 min. Drama | UK, 2014 | New England premiere.

To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a young boy selects his gift— little knowing that his choice will change the world. 

Friday August 7, 2015 2:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

4:00pm EDT

Women's Short Package: Taking Care of Business
We Are Fire | Directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel | 8 min. | United Arab Emirates, UK, 2014
A true story of a young woman in rural Uttar Pradesh, India who lost everything when her husband was murdered and her land was stolen. The police, unwilling to act in one of the country's most crime-ridden states, drove her to seek help from an organisation called the Gulabi Gang that enabled her to overcome severe adversity bringing the killers to justice and reclaiming her land.

Body Team 12 | Directed by David Darg | 13 min. | Liberia, 2015
Body Team 12 is tasked with collecting the dead at the height of the Ebola outbreak. These body collectors have arguably the most dangerous and gruesome job in the world. Yet despite the strain they emerge as heroes while the film explores their philosophy and strength.

Mama Agatha | Directed by Fadi Hindash  | 16 min. | Netherlands, 2015
Once a week, a group of migrant women in Amsterdam learn how to ride a bicycle. Inspiring them to let go of the fear and get behind the wheels is a Ghanaian community mother named Mama Agatha.

| Directed by Matthew Daunt | 33 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.
Annie' tells the life story of Anmarie Spaziano, the American from Rhode Island who made Nottingham her home and brought us probably the best burgers in the world. We follow a day in the life of Annie whilst learning of the ups and downs of her past, and hear about the many hurdles she has overcome to be in the position she is in now.

Muck | Directed by Bruce Smolanoff | 15 min. | USA, 2014.
MUCK is a dramatic short film about Mel, a 20-year old female open mic comedian who lives with her tabloid-obsessed mother in Queens. Abandoned by her father and born into a family of unfulfilled hopes and dreams, Mel is a bottled fight waiting to erupt. Her one outlet is through stand up comedy, which she sees as her only viable escape from her bleak existence. She misguidedly seeks validation and acceptance from a crew of misogynistic male comedians and is determined to make her mark as she navigates the late night, off the grid open mic scene.

Boxeadora | Directed by Meg Smaker | 16 min. | USA, Cuba, 2014.
19,000 to 1. A fighters heart in Cuba.

Luchadora | Directed by River Finlay | 12 min. | USA, Mexico, 2014.
In Mexico, Lucha Libre rivals soccer in popularity and has been a beloved national pastime since the early 1900’s when masked men first came to embody the struggle between good and evil in the ring. Women eventually fought their way into the sport – defying resistance from their male “luchador” counterparts and cultural expectations of femininity. Luchadora follows Luna Mágica - an aging professional Lucha Libre Wrestling star who dreams of becoming World Wrestling Champion while struggling to make ends meet as a single mom in Mexico City and regain custody of her son who was taken by her estranged husband who claims she is unfit to be a mother because of her profession as a luchadora. Luchadora shines light into the fascinating sub-culture of professional female Lucha Libre Wrestling in Mexico and explores issues of gender and power through Luna’s “lucha” both in and out of the ring. It is a universal story about following a dream and fighting for the things you love most.

Friday August 7, 2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

5:15pm EDT

Shorts Package: The Abyss Stares Back
"And when you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." – Friedrich Nietzsche

| Directed by Spencer Gillis | 13 min. | USA, 2015. New England premiere. 
A tense chance encounter at a local recycling center leads to an instant friendship—which in turn leads to a bitter moment of reckoning.

Timmy II | Directed by Imran J. Khan | 9 min. | USA, 2014 | East Coast Premiere. 
Timmy II tells the story of a robot who doesn’t fit into the human world of his father. After being discriminated against for being a robot, Timmy II undergoes cosmetic surgery that leaves him with a Middle Eastern looking human head. Then 9/11 happens. Encountering a new form of discrimination in a post-9/11 world, Timmy II escapes to the Middle East where he finds acceptance. Or so he thinks. He is eventually thrown into prison by a despotic dictator who suspects him of being a spy for the United States. Eventually, he arrives home to reconcile with his father whom he abandoned and accepts his dual identity as part human and part robot.

The Mother | Directed by Paolo Monico | 11 min. | USA, 2015 | World Premiere.
When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband's death.

The Loyalist | Directed by Minji Kang | 19 min. | South Korea/USA, 2015.
A North Korean general checks in on his daughter at a Swiss boarding school to test her loyalty to her motherland.

What If... | Directed by Riza-Rocco Avsar | 25 min. | Germany, 2015 | East Coast Premiere. 
We have learned to be the creators of our own lives in the decisions that we make, and often we take this for granted. The human mind bears the ability to think freely but what if, all of a sudden, we forfeit our ability to choose?

Over | Directed by Jorn Threlfall | 14 min. | United Kingdom, 2015 | East Coast Premiere
'Over' appears to present a police crime scene. During the course of 14 minutes and 9 wide shots (told in reverse order), we watch as an intriguing story unfolds and heads towards a dramatic conclusion. What has happened in this quiet, suburban neighbourhood? Has there been a murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The reality is both profound, and deeply unexpected.

Last Day of Freedom | 31 min. | Directed by Nomi Talisman and Dee Hibbert-Jones | USA, 2015 | East Coast Premiere. 
When Bill Babbitt realizes his brother Manny has committed a crime he agonizes over his decision- should he call the police? Last Day of Freedom is a richly animated personal narrative that tells the story of Bill’s decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment. The film is a portrait of a man at the nexus of the most pressing social issues of our day – veterans’ care, mental health access and criminal justice.

Friday August 7, 2015 5:15pm - 7:15pm EDT
Paff Theatre at URI URI Continuing Ed, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903

7:15pm EDT

Shorts Package: The Thrill of The Unknown

Foreign Sounds | Directed by Eric Shahinian | 9 min. | USA, 2015 | US Premiere. 
A young couple, who have just moved into an apartment together, has their relationship tested when they take opposing stances in response to the sounds of their neighbor's domestic dispute.

Oasis | Directed by Carmen Jimenez | 15 min. | USA, 2014. 
After her husband dies, Nieves inherits his job as the super of a decaying apartment complex in New York City. But the job becomes more difficult than she anticipated when she discovers a young girl locked in one of the units.

To Be Delivered | Directed by Pierre Amstutz | 17 min. | France/Switzerland/USA, 2015 | East Coast Premiere.
To Be Delivered is the story of Tom, a wannabe actor who's hitchhiking to go to an audition in Los Angeles. The only car that stops is Amy's, who is a cute and nice 28-year-old girl. Everything seems to go well, until Tom discovers that Amy is not the person she pretends to be... 

Cloud & Mud | Directed by Acheng Dong | 15 min. | China, 2014 | New England Premiere. 
A murder in rags came to the town. The ravenous man had been badly seduced by the steamed bun thus he could not move forward his steps in front of a steamed bun shop. The murder was slowly moving his hand to the knife. Just at the moment, a bun with warm steam appeared in front of the anxious man. The man held it and left without any words. The second time, he came back and took the free steamed bun left in hurry. When night falls, the owner found a piece of newspaper which maybe forgotten by customers. It was so surprised to find the news that the man he gave steamed bun to look perfectly similar to the wanted man with reward money.

Lightning In The Hand | Directed by Joey Grossfield | 15 min. | USA, 2014.
The Apache say it is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.

The Brink | Directed by Ben Jendras | 8 min. | USA, 2015 | World Premiere.
Stranded in an endless wilderness, two survivors clash as they unravel the truth of what brought them there and discover their paths are more entwined than once thought.

Open 24 Hours | Directed by Henry Chaisson | 7 mins.| USA, 2015 | World Premiere.
A contract killer gets more than he bargained for after a pit-stop at the convenience store.


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Friday August 7, 2015 7:15pm - 9:15pm EDT
Paff Theatre at URI URI Continuing Ed, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903

8:30pm EDT

LGBTQ Shorts: Stories Across the Spectrum
Like Breathing | Directed by Liz Cooper | 13 min. | Australia, 2014. New England premiere. 
Max lives in the country and works for her father as a mechanic in his workshop. At home she helps her mother take care of her disabled sister. Max feels like she will never be able to find the courage to voice want she really wants but then she meets Bel. 

The Beginning | Directed by Melanie McGraw | 5 min. | USA, 2015. US premiere. 
It's Casey's prom night, but he has an important confession to make to his father before he leaves.

The Future Perfect | Directed by Nicholas Citton  | 11 min. | Canada, 2014. 
The Future Perfect is a minimalist time travel story that centers on the relationship between a hired gun, Hardesty, and his boss, Greenwood. As the film unfolds, we come to understand that a major crisis in the future has its origins in a minor moment from the past. The location: a train platform in 1968. The target: A 10 year-old boy who is destined to be patient zero of a horrible virus. The moral dilemma Hardesty faces plays out, somewhere between then and now, as he defends the boy’s life, against Greenwood’s wishes. But when his longtime partner reveals a secret about who Hardesty will become, the argument takes a turn...

Gayby | Directed by Anya Beyersdorf | 7 min. | Australia, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
Roy decides karate is the answer to his bully problem, but his Dad can see that what his son needs right now is a champion Boxer.

Hallway | Directed by Leah Shore | 4 min. | USA, 2015. 
Shot exclusively in a secret sex club in New York City, a drug-induced queer couple unleash upon each other an existential barrage of delusion and broken dreams. 

Write With Me | Directed by Hannah Leshaw | 9 min. | USA, 2014. New England premiere. 
A woman longs for a songwriting partner but, terrified of the vulnerability inherent in the act of creating, retreats into the safety of her mind.

Friday August 7, 2015 8:30pm - 10:00pm EDT
The Bell St. Chapel 5 Bell Street, Providence, RI 02909
Saturday, August 8

10:00am EDT

KidEye International Film Festival - Red Carpet Premiere
Films by and for kids are showcased in this special Red Carpet Premiere program at The Metcalf Auditorium at the RISD Museum.

Now completing its 17th year, our annual KidsEye Summer Filmmaking Camp teaches youngsters ages 8-17 the basics of film production, writing, and direction. In 2014, fifty four (54) youngsters took part on the camp, which is held on the beautiful grounds at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston.

The culmination of their work premieres today for their family and friends. For us at Flickers, our filmmakers are always our stars, so help us salute these youngsters who will be part of the future of cinema!

This is a special screening and is free for the public, but please register on Eventbrite! 

Saturday August 8, 2015 10:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

12:00pm EDT

Shorts Package: There's No Place Like Home
A look inside the homes that we live.

Even the Walls
| Directed by Saman Maydani, Sarah Kuck | 27 min. | USA, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
For more than 70 years, Yesler Terrace has been home to thousands of Seattle's low-income residents and international refugees. Conceived as the nation's first racially-integrated, public-housing development, Yesler now stands on the edge of a new social experiment: mixed-income, mixed-use housing. In 2014, the Seattle Housing Authority began selling off pieces of the 30-acre property to being the transition.

Behind the Wall | Directed by Bat-Sheva Guez | 17 min. | USA, 2015. World premiere. 
Katrin moves heavily, encumbered by a large, plastic cast. Her sadness slows her, far more than her injury does. She has fled her old life and has moved to a dilapidated apartment in a quiet street in Brooklyn. At night, Katrin lies awake in the eerie half-light, listening to the strange sounds of the building. The floorboards creak. The radiator groans. The pipes start to clatter and bang with a relentless, percussive steam hammer. And then, behind that sound, there is another: a faint sound - of music.

Superjednostka | Directed by Teresa Czepiec | 20 min. | Poland, 2014. US premiere. 
Superjednostka (Polish for Superunit) is a huge block of flats designed as a 'housing machine'. Up to three thousand people can live on 15 floors of the building. The lifts only stop every three floors so the residents must go through a maze of corridors and stairs in order to get to their flats. The main characters of the documentary are people living in Superjednostka and going through important moments of their lives there. This is where their emotions throb, their expectations engender, and their desires come true... or not.
762 flat doors and 762 stories. We are opening only a few of them.

Hagereseb | Directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi | 38 min. | USA, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
It's 1997 in Seattle's Yesler Terrace, and 10-year-old Abai is on a quest to find fresh batteries for his Casio keyboard for one last music lesson with his older brother Sam before seeing him sent back to their native Eritrea, indefinitely.

Saturday August 8, 2015 12:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

12:15pm EDT

Shorts Package: Don't Call It Work
Snails | Directed by Grzegorz Szczepaniak | Documentary Short | 29 min. Poland. 2015.
The French are outraged! Every other snail on their table comes from Poland. The snail industry is growing and Polish breeders are exporting their snails not only to France or Italy, they are also conquering China and Japan.

The Gnomist | Directed by Sharon Liese | Documentary Short | 20 min. USA, 2014. New England premiere. 
When fairy homes mysteriously appear in a suburban forest, three women, driven by unquelled curiosity about the origin of this whimsy, find that believing in magic is the medicine they need to overcome their personal struggles and tragedies. 

| Directed by Mathew Daunt | Documentary Short | 31 min. UK, 2015.
'Annie' tells the life story of Anmarie Spaziano, the American from Rhode Island who made Nottingham her home and brought us probably the best burgers in the world. 

SandorKraut | Directed by Emily Lobsenz, Ann Husaini | Documentary Short | 12 min. USA, 2014.

A portrait of the acclaimed food writer and fermentation guru Sandor Katz whose renegade revival of ancient culinary rituals has transformed his relationship with life and death.

Elgin Park
| Directed by Danny Yourd | Documentary Short | 10 min. USA, 2014. 
Elgin Park dives into the life of Michael Paul Smith, a reclusive artist turned viral sensation, recognized for creating 1950s utopias out of pain, love, and miniature cars.
The Last Smallholder | Directed by Francis Lee | Documentary Short | 9 min. UK, 2014. 
The last farmer on a Yorkshire hillside meditates on his working life and the changing landscape around him.  

Saturday August 8, 2015 12:15pm - 2:15pm EDT
Metcalf Auditorium - RISD Museum Chace Center, 20 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

12:15pm EDT

Shorts Package: Permanent Ghosts
"What we remember from childhood we remember forever. Permanent ghosts, stamped, inked, imprinted, eternally seen." ― Cynthia Ozick 

| Directed by Delphine Girard | 18 min. Belgium, 2014. US premiere. 
Early summer. Moving house. Between games in the garden and packing boxes, 11-year-old Adele decides to send a message to her future self in case she should forget all the different elements that make up her life. Adele wants to capture it all even if that means staging the parts that aren't quite as she would like, or bullying everyone around her, or even no longer living in the present.

La Detesteuse | Directed by Faustine Cros | 11 min. Belgium/France, 2015. World premiere. 
Often I think I remember my childhood, but I realize it was a story I've been told, a picture, a family movie. I begin to doubt. How to be sure if it really took place, when the memory hasn't left a trace, a picture, a family movie.

Catching Fireflies | Directed by Lee Whittaker | 20 min. USA, 2015.
A little Latina girl attempts to escape the rigors and misfortunes of living on Los Angeles' Skid Row through the power of her mystical imagination while simultaneously trying to protect the bond with her addict mother.

Piss & Vinegar | Directed by Tatyana Beloy | 6 min. Belgium, 2014.
A portrait of a young girl living with her stepfather in a state of omerta.

Marina's Ocean | Directed by Cássio Pereira dos Santos | 17 min. Brazil, 2014. 
A 15-year-old girl with special needs starts a personal journey to visit the sea for the first time.

Everything All At Once | Directed by Eleanor Wilson | 14 min. USA, 2015. New England premiere. 
In the midst of private turmoil, a young woman takes a suffocating ride to the train station with her Mother, Aunt and Grandmother. They navigate each other's quirks and memories while trying to identify the incessant beep coming from somewhere in the car. A short film about aging, shifting roles and the unbearable need for family

To Dust Return | Directed by Chris Peters | 10 min. USA, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
Sam Jaeger and Jennifer Morrison play a couple struggling to cope with the death of their newborn son. In his despair, the husband must transform how he sees his wife and find a way to accept her dark wisdom.

Saturday August 8, 2015 12:15pm - 2:15pm EDT
Paff Theatre at URI URI Continuing Ed, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903

2:00pm EDT

Shorts: A Farewell to Arms
Breathe | Directed by Youssef Ouarrack | 9 min. | Poland, 2015. World Premiere. 
During the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, a young group of scouts march through the dark claustrophobic sewers. They travel from one district to another delivering letters of hope and retribution. The sounds of the Germans bringing complete destruction and chaos to the city above transmits fear and anxiety.

Ghost Light | Directed by David Charpentier | 18 min. | USA, 2014
In the wake of a campus tragedy, Erin inspires her cast and crew to proceed with a commemorative performance.

Daily Bread | Directed by Betsy Tsai | 9 min. | USA, 2015. New England premiere.
Near the conflict-ridden border at midnight, two Israeli boys find themselves in a scuffle with a Palestinian boy on his shortcut home. The histories, divisions, and desperation of both families surface from the boys' memories, and shape their discordant approaches to the sticky situation at hand.

Pastrami | Directed by Richard Bohringer | 7 min. | Germany, 2014. World premiere. 
Hearing the rocket sirens, an Israeli family stops their car at the site of the road and ducks for cover. The father realizes, that he has to find an explaining for this unusual event to his scared son.

Rita Mahtoubian Is Not a Terrorist | Directed by Julia Lerman, Roja Gashtili  | 8 min. | USA, 2014. 
When Iranian-born Rita Mahtoubian sets out to change her life from ordinary to extraordinary she accidentally captures the attention of a homeland security agent in this satirical comedy about romance, terrorism and trying to be a better person.

Kali (Horse) | Directed by Alban Ukaj | 14 min. | Kosovo, 2014. US premiere. 
October 1st, 1997. Students turn out on the streets of Prishtina to protest for their rights,
against the repressive regime. Among them, three teenage friends also attend the protest,
and soon find themselves in unimaginable situations.

Totems | Directed by Sarah Arnold | 29 min. | France, 2014. World premiere. 
How does history affect us ? After completing her PHD thesis on The Unknown Soldier, Adele returns to her rural hometown to look after her grandfather. Like a modern-day Antigone, her grandfather is a rebellious writer who has secretly kept the remains of a soldier from World War I buried at the bottom of their garden.

Saturday August 8, 2015 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

2:45pm EDT

Shorts Package: Places That Make Us

Hustler of Providence 
| Directed by Jonathan Paul | 19 min. USA, 2015. 
Early summer. Moving house. Between games in the garden and packing boxes, 11-year-old In a life filled with mental, physical, and verbal abuse, Rich turned to drugs to numb his pain. Soon he found himself on the street offering his body in exchange for his next fix. One chance encounter changed all that for Rich and he found an escape. When he eventually returned to the street, he did so as a voice of hope for others who were still enslaved to their addictions.

Haven | Directed by Michael Morrone | 18 min. USA, 2015. 
The issue of homelessness is overlooked far too often. Society rarely realizes that the people on the street have a story and a past, and more importantly, they have a future. Our project aims to uncover the struggle the homeless endure, and what it is like to go from living on the streets to working and having a place to call home. We want to shed light on the issue of identity in the homeless community, and by profiling people as they overcome the obstacles that surface when rising above homelessness.

Meredith's Medicine | Directed by Andrew Burgess | 4 min. USA, 2014.
Meredith has always harbored a deep connection with her favorite ski resort, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, her relationship with the mountain entered a whole new level.

Hostility & Hospitality | Directed by Bronte Stahl | 24 min. Italy, 2015. World premiere. Student film. 
Many residents of Acri, a hill town in Calabria, have sought refuge, opportunity, or just a new perspective in the seaside town of Westerly, RI. Now an influx of desperate African migrants has given Acri a way to pay forward its debts to the world of immigration..

Armenian American | Directed by Brian Roth | 10 min. USA, 2015. World premiere. Student film.  
Ron Chopoorian, a first generation Armenian-American, explores what being Armenian means to him on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Saturday August 8, 2015 2:45pm - 4:45pm EDT
Paff Theatre at URI URI Continuing Ed, 80 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903

4:00pm EDT

French Shorts: Le Septième Art
A showcase of the Seventh Art.

Un Seul Corps (A Single Body)
| Directed by Sotiris Dounoukos  | 19 min. | Australia, France, Greece, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
Best friends and skilled abattoir workers David and Wani are saving to open their own
butchery, but before they can realise their dream the arrival of a new worker will test the
bonds of their shared life. 

Les Fremissements du The | Directed by March Fouchard  | 21 min. | France, 2014. 
A small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik's grocery store.

Paris on the Water | Directed by Hadas Ayalon | 29 min. | Israel, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
Bathya is a former movie star who feels that her life is finally about to change. After years of frustration she was offered a part in a movie, but something happens in the morning of the audition, that forces her reexamine her priorities in life.
La contre-allee (The Back Alley) | Directed by Cecile Ducrocq | 29 min. | France, 2014. 
Suzanne has been a prostitute for 15 years. She has her turf, her regular johns, her freedom. One day, young African prostitutes settle nearby. Suzanne is threatened.

Stunned | Directed by Gérard Pauttonier  | 23 min. | France. US premiere. 
Following the accidental death of a colleague, Eddy is named despite himself, to go announce the terrible news to the wife of the deceased.

Saturday August 8, 2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903

9:00pm EDT

Horror/Sci-Fi Shorts: Moments of The Uncanny
A journey into the uncanny and strange.

The Morrigan
| Directed by Colum Eastwood | 16 min. | Ireland, United Kingdom, 2014. East Coast premiere.
A young couple's remote holiday cottage comes under attack from malevolent forces when they give refuge to a mysterious young girl.

One Night in Hell | Directed by James Hall, Jason Jameson | 7 min. | United Kingdom, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
A devilish and spectacular animation short that tells the story of a skeleton's journey into a stereoscopic hell.

Mrs. K | Directed by Dongneok Seo | 14 min. | South Korea, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
Mrs. K, a 9 months pregnant thirty-something housewife, starts to suspect her wealthy husband of something sinister.

Silent Night | Directed by Nastassja Djalog | 11 min. | Australia, 2014. East Coast premiere. 
Carly is a nurse who works the evening shift at a clinic, preparing people for their syringe. All her patients are on government lists that have been classified as insignificant and superfluous to the needs of the city. The city is evolved and developed but we just came up with more sophisticated ways to determine who should live and who should die.

Teeth | Directed by Tom Brown, Daniel Gray | 6 min. | Hungary, USA, United Kingdom, 2015.
Things of worth are often neglected in favour of that which might be more immediately gratifying. Unfortunately, the things that are neglected are often lost forever, irreplaceable. This is the story of a man with a misguided and intense focus – one which started in his youth and carried on to old age. His life events are chronicled through the loss of his teeth – and how his obsessive efforts to amend what was damaged bring on yet further destruction.

Basilisk | Directed by Nikolai Hamel | 14 min. | United Kingdom, 2015
With the discovery of a conceptual virus that has the power to kill, three terrorists holed up in an underground layer debate the effectiveness of their discovery until one turns it against the other two.

What If
| Directed by Riza-Rocco Avsar | 3 min. | Germany, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
We have learned to be the creators of our own lives in the decisions that we make, and often we take this for granted. The human mind bares the ability to think freely but what if, all of a sudden, we forfeit our ability to chose? 

Larry Gone Demon | Directed by Matt Lawrence | 14 min. | USA, 2014. 
A frenetic, punk-rock nightmare centering on one asshole of a roommate. 

After the End | Directed by Sam Southward | 11 min. | United Kingdom, 2015.
For René Fustercluck, life was bad, the Apocalypse was awful and then Gordon arrived. 'After the End' is the world's first post-apcolyptic rom-com that explores the possibility that the only thing worse than being the last man on earth, is being the second to last man on earth.

Cat Bird Coyote | Directed by Amy Raasch | 3 min. | USA, 2015. 
In a stark laboratory, a ruthless bird scientist's experiments cause a freak explosion, freeing one of his subjects. An abused cat escapes from her captor as a coyote digs through trash. Once free, the animals must not only fend for themselves, but face each other in the wild.

Saturday August 8, 2015 9:00pm - 11:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903
Sunday, August 9

4:00pm EDT

Veterans Shorts: Soldiers and Sacrifice
The story of veterans from around the world.

Chronicles of Courage
| Directed by Ernest Mills  | 25 min. | United Kingdom, 2015. East Coast premiere. 
To coincide with the 2014-2015 Centenary of the First World War, Chronicles of Courage explores 3 very personal, contrasting experiences of the war. The message is a heartbreaking one, as resonant today as it was 100 years ago.

Les Corps Estranger (Strange Bodies) | Directed by Laura Wandel | 15 min. | Belgium, 2014.
During physiotherapy at a local swimming pool, a war photographer is apprehensive 
ot the gaze of others and he proximity of other bodies. The physiotherapist treating 
him also tries to rehabilitate the way he looks at the world around him.

Where We Begin | Directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki | 22 min. | USA, 2015. New England premiere. 
Sophia reflects on her past in the last hours of her life - She is a young, vibrant woman who falls in love with a gypsy boy, Leo. Through dance movements, we shed light on the many faces of love and life, the pressures we place upon ourselves, and those that others place onto us. “Where We Begin” is a story of courage, perseverance and the strength to endure all other obstacles.

Riding My Way Back | Directed by Robin Fryday | 28 min. | USA, 2014. 
Riding My Way Back' is a short documentary that chronicles one soldier's journey back from the brink of suicide. In 2010,Staff Sergeant Aaron Heliker returned from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in addition to third-degree burns and nerve damage from a roadside bomb. At his most desperate and isolated, on 42 medications and suicidal, Aaron is introduced to the unlikeliest of saviors: a horse named Fred. Through caring for Fred and building mutual trust, Aaron begins the difficult process of reconnecting to the world around him and healing the terrible, invisible wounds of war that had nearly defeated him.

The Haircut | Directed by Alexis Korycinski | 14 min.  | USA, 2014
It's 1976 and petite 18-year-old Amy is among the first class of female cadets accepted into military service academies. Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes.

Sunday August 9, 2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
The Vets - 6th Floor Ballroom One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI 02903